Trixul GUI Toolkit

Trixul is a cross-platform GUI toolkit. I wrote this simple GUI toolkit with one goal in mind — to illustrate some of the architecture behind Netscape and Mozilla’s cross-platform GUI toolkit, XPToolkit in a way that is, hopefully, easy for you to understand. Like XPToolkit, Trixul is based on XML, used to describe the layout of windows, dialogs, and menus. Like XPToolkit, JavaScript code can be tied to the user interface to handle events like button presses. Like XPToolkit, you can write code that interfaces to C++ to do the heavy lifting of your applications.

Unlike XPToolkit, Trixul supports desktop application development, and is simpler and easier to understand (and as a result, was easier for me to describe in my book).

It is also somewhat of a toy, and to take it to the next level, where it can be used to develop production quality applications, will require some contributions from the open source community. If you are interested in helping, I surely would like to hear from you.

Trixul is hosted at Source Forge, and has a liberal BSD license. I encourage you to browse the source code. You can find out more about Trixul by visiting its homepage.